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The site, 2.20 acres, is located to the north east of the town centre in a predominantly post war residential area.

Foston Estates was instructed to liaise with Mid Sussex District Council, given the sites political profile and residential allocation, deal with enquiries and progress expressions of interest.

Proposals were received from house builders and a retail asset management Company seeking to relocate an existing supermarket to facilitate the redevelopment of their shopping centre in Burgess Hill.

Retail generated the best return but also introduced significant planning issues:

  • Differential in land values;
  • Reduced remediation costs associated with a retail use;
  • The sites residential allocation and out of town location;
  • Planning timescales and opportunity costs.

Given the lack of certainty, associated timescales and live residential offers the Client was only prepared to consider an unconditional offer for retail use. The inherent residential value of the site in this case, opportunity to gain early access and tacit support of Mid Sussex District Council enabled terms to be agreed.

Planning permission for retail use was subsequently granted.

Case Studies